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The Backstage Salon & Spa Staff
Salon & Spa Etiquette

No Smoking. Backstage continues to ensure a healthful environment for our clients by upholding a non-smoking policy.
Cancellations. In order to insure that we provide the best service possible, cancellations must be received twenty-four hours prior to the appointment time or be subject to a fee equal to 50% of the service. Full price will be charged if no notice is given.
Group Reservations. When booking spa packages or multiple services we will reserve your appointment by credit card.
Punctuality. We have designed our scheduling to ensure you of the correct time for your services. Your punctuality is greatly appreciated so our other clients do not have to wait for their services.
Scheduling. To ensure you get an appointment when you want, with whom you want, we recommend you to schedule your next service prior to leaving Backstage.
Staff selection/changes. Please rememeber we at Backstage work as a team to please you. We believe a change can be refreshing, so feel free to try all of us at any time you wish.
Prices. All prices are subject to change.
Suggestions? Please let us know how we may serve you better.
Cell Phones. Please turn off your cell phone when entering the Salon and Spa. This is a time for you and our other clients to relax.
Credit Cards. We accept Master Card, Visa, American Express and Debit.
Children. For their safety and the courtesy of other clients, please do not leave your children unattended in the salon. No children under 12 allowed in the Spa, unless they are receiving services.