Whether you desire fun trendy colours or a complete colour transformation, the staff in our hair colour department will listen, advise and personalize your service.

Why do we charge more for the services of our Senior Stylists or our Goldwell Certified Colourists in our salon? The higher ranking members of our team offer you the benefit of years of intensive education, developed creativity and invaluable experience in their field and naturally they command higher salaries.

On the other hand, please keep in mind that all the members of our staff meet our high standards. So, if you choose one of our other fully trained staff members, you can feel comfortable that you will receive quality work. They are in our advanced education programs and will become our future senior stylists and Goldwell certified colourists!

Junior Stylist Stylist Senior Stylist Master Stylist
Ammonia Free Colour
$64 $64 $64 $70
Colour Retouch
$52 $52 $52 $58
Colour Balancer
$26 $26 $26 $30
Gentleman’s Reshade
$32 $32 $32 $36
Full Foil
$112 $112 $112 $126
Partial Foil
$92 $92 $92 $102
Top Foil
$62 $62 $62 $69
$112 $112 $112 $126
$140 $140 $140 $154
Partial Balayage
$110 $110 $110 $110
Corrective Colour
priced upn consultation