iTone Express Blonde
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Introducing Backstage Salon & Spa Blonde iTone express service.
Illuminate your blonde in just 5 minutes!

Introductory Offer:
Receive 20% off your purchase of DualSesnses shampoo or conditioner when you get an iTone express service!

Intense Condition & Shine
Intense Condition & Shine Image

Intensive conditioning will be deeply penetrated through the hair cuticle with deep heat applied for the most beneficial conditioning your hair can receive. For optimal results a series is recommended.

Add a blow dry for only $20.

Wellness treatment for your hair.
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Deep Conditioning Treatment Image

Your hair will be analyzed, a personalized treatment applied, followed by proper processing time and a relaxing shampoo. Recommendations will be made for an appropriate at-home hair care regime to promote your optimal hair condition.

Add a blow dry for only $20.

Deep Cleansing Treatment

Removes mineral and chlorine deposits that accumulate on your hair from well water, pool activities and external pollutants. Perfect before your color.